Who We Are

Since 1997, the Spud team has helped hundreds of businesses solve process and cost management challenges to run more efficiently and profitable using custom software and/or PACManager. Our team prides itself in putting ourselves into our clients shoes and do everything we can to help them be more efficient and more profitable.  One of the ways we do this is by making sure management has the data and reports needed to make the best decisions possible and keep an eye on all aspects of their business.  After all, if we can get the leadership out of getting stuck in the day to day, they can focus more on growing the business.


Our purpose is to enable business leaders to concentrate on growing the business instead of being stuck in the day to day of running the business.


It is critical that we share our views and experience with clients even if it isn’t in the best interest of Spud. 

Our clients are our partners in business. We are an extension of their team so we need to strive to make them as successful as possible.

Our clients are depending on Spud, and we need to make sure we are there for them and looking out for their best interests at all times.

We need to look at all options to a problem we are solving and remember that the most obvious isn’t always the best solution in the long run.


It’s no surprise that business owners have to make many decisions each and every day. What is surprising is how often business owners find themselves in a pinch because they lack the up-to-date reports and data that they need to keep their company running smoothly.

At Spud, we’ve made it our mission to assist businesses with everyday decision-making. We make sure each and every business owner has the most accurate data at their fingertips, so they grow their business by focusing on their vision instead of getting stuck in the day to day minutia.