Located in Michigan

Starting as a custom software provider in 1997, Spud Software has taken all we have learned about business processes and incorporated it into PACManager Process and Cost Management software. Hiring employees, tracking projects, growing sales – all of these are the tasks of every business has to deal with daily. PACManager makes it easier because it offers one time management software to manage the six essential areas of business: Sales, Operations, Marketing, Finance, Technology and HR.

Time Management Software

Our Experience is Nationwide

As seen by the maps, we love our state but have consulted and customized process and time management software for hundreds of businesses and thousands of users across the US.

We are Business Process Experts and Developers

A Better Time Management Software Solution

Since 1997, the Spud team has helped hundreds of businesses and organizations solve process and time management software challenges to run more efficiently and profitable. The Spud Software team has always delved into what you need to accomplish through our custom software, such as:

• Do you need better visibility into your business?
• Do you need to get out of the day-to-day to work on your business?
• Do you need to trim repetitive steps?
• Do you know actual costs in each process?
• Are you able to track marketing and sales to grow?

Based on this information, we have a 24+ year history of creating the custom time management software to get customers where they need to be. Spud works with every client with this philosophy:

We are partners and an extension of their team – We are in this together to make their business as successful as possible

We are process-driven and proactive – Our processes enable us to see problems early so they can be remedied to save time and costs.

We are professionals – We take our responsibilities seriously and do everything we can to make the development of your custom software seamless and successful.

We are transparent – We make sure everyone understands why and what we are doing and if there is an issue, we bring it to our client’s attention immediately to find a solution.

We are analytical – We make sense of the data and make sure it is accurate and your custom software will be only what is needed and easy to use.

The PACManager Time Management Software Difference
From Fortune 100 companies to mom and pop shops, every business has to deal with operations, finance, marketing, technology, HR, and sales. No matter its size, it is critical they are managed correctly. PACManager is the first software that lets you manage each of these areas in one time management software.

Affordable Cost

PACManager starts as low as $1200 per month for unlimited users and we tailor it to your business during setup. Plus, PACManager can be customized to fit your business as it evolves. After all, you want your company to grow, shouldn’t your time management software grow with it?

Impressive Resume

Spud has done work for companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups with investors. With 24+ years of experience and a wide range of clients, Spud can bring a ton of experience and understanding of what works.

100% American Owned and Operated

Our in-house developers do all the work. We never sub-contract to offshore companies. We’ve seen the work they do and their data formats, the flow of the programs and overall functionality isn’t always consistent with how Americans do things. There may be some great offshore development firms out there, we just haven’t heard of any.