Spud Helps Get Your Ducks in a Row.

PAC Software Keeps Your Ducks in a Row.

We use our proprietary implementation process to organize your systems / processes (get your ducks in a row).

Next, we tailor and implement PAC throughout your business to keep your ducks in a row.

Just Like Businesses, No Two PAC Implementations are the Same

Spud’s PACManager Software will provide your management the ability to track and report on all areas of the business.

PACManager drives your processes, tracks resources and can pull data from any system, if needed, that allows integration making the dashboards and reports in PACManager accurate and as near real-time as possible.

Sales, marketing, operations, technology, finance and HR are the areas that every business has to deal with daily. PACManager makes it easier because it is the one software that can manage all the essential areas of business.

Spud will meet with your team, document what needs to be done, offer suggestions on process improvement, customize the PACManager to fit your business, implement and support PACManager.  

Our process for implementation PACManager minimizes the time needed from your team to outline the customization requirements, gets everyone engaged and excited about the implementation and makes sure everything is taken into consideration when determining the implementation roadmap.

The Spud Implementation Team is well trained and experts in processes, software, data collection and reporting.  Your assigned implementer is your go to person and dedicated to the success of your PACManager implementation and ongoing support.

PAC provides management the insight they need into all areas of their business.

At Spud we know that no two businesses run the same way or have cookie cutter processes that can be squeezed into a “one size fits all” software solution.  That is why we created PACManager.  We tailor PAC for your business and provide process improvement expertise from our 24+ years of being in business and working with hundreds of companies in all kinds of industries. 

Top Reasons to Work with Spud and Implement PACManager

  • Our team all work out of our office in Grand Blanc, Michigan. You will get to know our team and they will make sure you are taken care of.

  • We have invested over $1M in the development of PACManager making it the most flexible, thoroughly tested and user friendly software available.

  • Our 24+ years experience of working with hundreds of companies gives us the expertise needed to make your implementation of PAC successful for everyone.

  • We treat our clients as partners. We know our clients success is a direct link to our success.

  • We do all the customization and documentation for you so your team doesn’t get distracted trying to learn how to customize software, create reports, gathering requirements from your team and all the other distractions that occur when companies try to implement a “one size fits all” software.

  • We get it done

Reduction vs. Improvement

  • 14% Saw Reduction in Operational Costs

  • 13% Saw Reduction in Administrative Costs vs. 17% More Internal Schedule Compliance

  • 18% Faster Cycle Times – From Sale to Completion

  • 33% Improvement in Inventory Returns

On Average Businesses That Use Workflow Process Software

  • Reduce operation costs by 11%

  • Standardize back-office processes by 77%

  • Have a 48% increase in visible data

Everyone Wins When Processes are Followed

  • When a person knows what they are expected to do and when it needs to be done, they are more likely to get it done and feel accomplished afterwards.

  • A great software will eliminate the stress that comes with the unknown.

  • A great software workflow system contributes to a positive job experience.

  • Imagine your team driving home after work knowing they accomplished what was expected of them so they can enjoy the rest of the day without worry.

  • People that enjoy their job perform better, which in turn makes companies more successful.

Benefits of Workflow Process Software

  • Security and regulatory compliance: keep data safe and regulated with built-in protections.

  • Productivity: eliminate redundant processes and tasks through automation.

  • Integrated Information: All customer and financial data, housed in one location.

  • Total Visibility: ERP allows complete access to every critical process in your business.

  • Improved Reporting and Planning: PAC gives you the ability to analyze and compare functions across departments, without the hassle of multiple spreadsheets, hand written notes and best guesses.

  • Efficiency: Properly implemented ERP software can reduce the time and effort required by your workforce to carry out their daily activities.

“PACManager is the ultimate watchdog for your business.”

-- Derek Sommer, Owner - Spud Software