Our Process for Implementing PACManager

We have a 20 week implementation process.  We know that some will find this a bit aggressive and others may wonder why it takes 20 weeks when they can buy a SaaS system and have it turned on in minutes.

For larger businesses with several department heads and dozens of systems it is aggressive, but we feel with our implementation workbook (filled with questions that we fill out for you) and 24+ years experience of implementing business process systems, we can get it done quicker and better than anyone else.

For smaller organization, 20 weeks may seem like an eternity, especially when there are software systems out there that promise the world and all you need to do is sign up, pay monthly and magically everyone will start using it.

Unfortunately, too many companies get lead to believe that SaaS software can be easily customized.  Only after signing up, they find out they need to send people to training or hire some 3rd party consulting firm (who doesn’t even do the customization) and then find out that certain things just aren’t possible within the one size fits all SaaS solution.

Most of our clients find us only after trying Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce and realizing that for a system that runs your business to be successful they need a partner that focuses on their business from day one to years to come.  We have clients that have been on PAC for over 20 years and we still support them whenever they change direction or change a process.

We believe that businesses need to have a single system that is the hub of all their data.  We have clients that still have outside systems (accounting / hardware / e-commerce / etc.) that we need to integrate with but PAC is responsible for providing accurate and real-time reporting of the entire business.

Our process is gathering the information, mapping out the plan, getting everyone on board, rolling PAC out in a specific order, training the users and most important being available for in person, phone, video and email support. 

The most important part of our process is we do all the heavy lifting.  We gather the information, we tailor the software to fit your business.  You will need to learn to use PACManager, but we work hard to keep it user-friendly and intuitive.  Specifically, we try to keep everything less then 4 clicks away to get where you want to go. 

Because PAC is customized around your processes, instead of you changing your processes to fit the software, PAC is that much easier to get use to using.

Spud will meet with your team, document what needs to be done, offer suggestions on process improvement, customize PACManager to fit your business, implement and support PACManager.  

Our process for implementing PACManager minimizes the time needed from your team to outline the customization requirements, gets everyone engaged and excited about the implementation and makes sure everything is taken into consideration when determining the implementation roadmap.

The Spud Implementation Team is well trained and experts in processes, software, data collection and reporting.  Your assigned implementer is your go to person and dedicated to the success of your PACManager implementation and ongoing support.

Let us provide you the service and support you need to be successful.

Top Reasons to Work with Spud and Implement PACManager

  • Our team all work out of our office in Grand Blanc, Michigan. You will get to know our team and they will make sure you are taken care of.

  • We have invested over $1M in the development of PACManager making it the most flexible, thoroughly tested and user friendly software available.

  • Our 24+ years experience of working with hundreds of companies gives us the expertise needed to make your implementation of PAC successful for everyone.

  • We treat our clients as partners. We know our clients success is a direct link to our success.

  • We do all the customization and documentation for you so your team doesn’t get distracted trying to learn how to customize software, create reports, gathering requirements from your team and all the other distractions that occur when companies try to implement a “one size fits all” software.

  • We get it done

PACManager includes each of the following modules

These modules are designed in a way that allows us to tailor them for you in the fraction of the time it would take compared to a custom software solution created from scratch.  This thoroughly tested code base plus our roll out process for customizing PAC gets you up and running quickly.

Keeps prospects, clients, vendors and users of PACManager organized, tracks activity and provides powerful reports.

Makes sure your sales pipeline stays full and makes sure prospects are added and followed up on a regular basis.

Sales Tracking
From follow ups to effort to commissions, PAC tracks it. The sales meeting report has saved companies a ton of money in time and unnecessary effort.

Referral Partners
If your company utilizes outside sales reps and / or do referral commissions, this is a huge help to track everything.

Project Tracking
Tracking projects from the day it was sold, to the delivery and on going support, PAC helps get it done on time and knows the effort, cost and profit.

Loaded Costs
Every resource, whether a person or equipment, has a cost. That cost plus overhead (cost of doing business) is tracked and used for reporting.

Task Tracking
PAC knows what, who and when something needs to be completed and makes sure everyone stays on top of it. PAC also knows the costs involved.

Resource Tracking
PAC is very good at making sure you have the right people / equipment at the right time to keep a project on track.

Payment Tracking
PAC is not an accounting system, but when integrated with yours, PAC has that critical information for the managers to know where financials are at without extra accounting software licenses.

Time Tracking
PAC can track the time against projects for cost analysis and / or for payroll process and holiday / vacation time tracking.

Punch Clock
If you just want to know who is currently working or track time for payroll, PAC does it.

Tracking Expenses
Expenses for internal needs and / or for a project, PAC tracks it and takes it into account when calculating profit.

Mileage / Travel Expenses
Just like purchases for internal use or against a job, PAC tracks these and takes them into account when figuring out profit.

Inventory Tracking
PAC includes an inventory tracking module that has min / max and reorder notifications.

Asset Tracking
Your CFO will love you for having a year end asset list of everything in use, decommissioned, and recently purchased. PAC can provide that data.

There are times proprietary systems are needed within a business, and Spud has integrated with hundreds of them which makes PAC reports and tracking all the more powerful.