Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I be up and running?

Some modules will be up and running sooner than others, but over all, we expect all of PACManager implemented, users trained and everyone using it in 20 weeks.  Check out our process.

How is PACManager different from other subscription software or an out-of-the-box solution?

  • Every client is licensed their own set of code and database. This allows for unrestricted customization and a quicker turn-around.

  • We do all the data clean up, reporting and customization for you.

    Our entire staff works in Grand Blanc, MI providing the best support possible.  Having the support team, developers and management all in the same four walls keeps us efficient and effective.

  • We view your company as our partner, not another number in the churn statistic.

  • We understand your business needs are unique, and PACManager molds around your business, instead of trying to fit your business around a software.

  • You pay a single flat monthly fee regardless of the number of users.

Why should I go with PACManager instead of a custom software solution?
PACManager has the following:

  • Automated test scripts which makes testing take a fraction of the time and full end to end testing with every code update.  If this was a custom application, adding this functionality would add 40% to the cost of the project.

  • All screen mock ups are created and templated making design time quicker and development consistent throughout the entire software.  If this was a custom application, each mock up could take as much as an additional 4 hours per screen.

  • The database is over engineered for handling any number of integrations and expansion needs.  When custom software is created the database is added to as needed and additional performance testing and security checks need to be done with each iteration of code development.

  • Our entire team is trained in the support, development and implementation of PACManager maximizing resources available to support your business.  Custom software applications usually have a fraction of our team with the expertise that can provide the level of support we like to provide our clients.

  • Huge cost savings.  A PACManager implementation with $30K in customization has a total investment in the first year of less than $65K.  That same system with all the features of PACManager would cost over $500K plus monthly hosting costs and it would still be missing the automated testing, proven code base and dedicated call center support for your team.  The hourly rate for PACManager work is $150 versus $250/hour for custom development.  Not only is the PACManager work able to be done much quicker than custom, the hourly rate is 40% less which compounds the savings when going with PACManager.

What kinds of companies does PAC make sense for?
Companies that are:

  • using paper or Excel to track / report stuff.

  • using numerous software systems that don’t integrate.

  • wanting real time, accurate reporting.

  • wanting real support and more of a partner.

  • wanting things handled by experts without requiring additional staff being hired to support it.

Is development or any level of support outsourced?
Absolutely not. All work including project management, development and ongoing support is done in our office in Grand Blanc, MI by Spud Software.

How much should I budget for customization?
160 hours are included when you sign up for PAC.  As a rule of thumb, half of this time will be used reviewing your existing processes, updating the processes, streamlining / optimizing processes and outlining the priorities and implementation roadmap.  The remaining hours are used for any customization needed.  Depending on the complexity or specific needs there may be additional hours needed above the included 160 hours.  To be safe, we recommend clients budget $30,000 in additional customization over the first year.  We will  provide a more detailed budget after the first 30 days. 

Can I cancel anytime?
Absolutely.  If we aren’t taking care of your needs or the best solution for your business we will understand and help as much as we can with the transition as needed.

What kind of support can I expect?
We are committed to making sure all our clients are successful. You should expect and will receive awesome support. We are available via phone and email Monday – Friday from 9am to 5pm EST to support you with your business and the PACManager software. 

Top Reasons to Work with Spud and Implement PACManager

  • Our team all work out of our office in Grand Blanc, Michigan. You will get to know our team and they will make sure you are taken care of.

  • We have invested over $1M in the development of PACManager making it the most flexible, thoroughly tested and user friendly software available.

  • Our 24+ years experience of working with hundreds of companies gives us the expertise needed to make your implementation of PAC successful for everyone.

  • We treat our clients as partners. We know our clients success is a direct link to our success.

  • We do all the customization and documentation for you so your team doesn’t get distracted trying to learn how to customize software, create reports, gathering requirements from your team and all the other distractions that occur when companies try to implement a “one size fits all” software.

  • We get it done