Custom Database Design & Development for Your Business Operations

Custom Database Software Development Company in Michigan - Spud Software - image-content-staffOur team builds custom databases and develops propriety business applications that make businesses run more efficiently.

Your database is the core of almost every business application, constantly circulating information and keeping all components running efficiently. Whether it provides support to customer service, sales or marketing, a well-performing and secure database is essential for any successful business operation.

At Spud Software, our team approaches each database differently. With more than 20 years of custom database development, our team has extensive experience designing complex data systems that provide a strong foundation for any business.


We work with all major database technologies, and our custom database services include (but are not limited to):

  • Database consulting, design and migration
  • Custom software development
  • Support, maintenance & integrations
  • Microsoft .NET and SQL Server technologies
  • & more!

We develop custom web, desktop and mobile database applications using cutting-edge technologies – all with intuitive, user-friendly designs. Not only do we build new solutions, but we migrate old ones and create a custom database that’s tailored to your unique business needs.

We Increase Productivity by Simplyfing Data Management
Over 1,000 database design development solutions for web, mobile and PC created.
Tens of thousands of users. One company.
Our team has over 20 years of experience in database development and have worked alongside Fortune 500 companies, developing and implementing commercial and small business databases that help optimize business operations. Take a look at their success stories below – we strive to become our client’s most valuable technology partner!

Operations & Databases Case Studies

Cardinal Machine Company

Created a business operations system that allowed for the tracking of sales leads, quotes to customers, PO reconciliation, job set up, task allocation and tracking, part details management, bill of materials management, vendor invoice scheduling, customer invoicing, employee time entry / reconciliation, vacation request approvals, expense approval and categorization, complex reporting and QuickBooks integration for expense logging, reimbursement, and invoicing.

Ideal Machinery, Inc.

Spud Software provides on-going support to maintain and update the WordPress site, e-Store, API for data synchronization, and related services.


Simplified customer follow-ups for the client with a software solution that automates their client’s responses to customers.

VioPoint - Power Shell Reports

The team at Spud Software created a database with the ability to update and process data quickly. The data was produced on specific criteria, which would then be created into a graphic representation of the report to the user.

Custom-Automation Software Designed to Your Specifications

Customized, secure and a well-designed database that suits your business operations.

We understand that today’s businesses depend on their databases to provide critical information that’s essential for day-to-day operations. Good design is the foundation of any database, and experienced professionals are required in the process to design and develop a database that meets a business’ unique needs – that’s where we come in!

Our database development team will help…

  • Efficiently manage and migrate data
  • Discover data patterns
  • Creatively generate reports
  • Eliminating tedious data entry and removing human error for data inaccuracy
  • Automate reporting
  • Remove redundant or inaccurate data and ensure data security
  • & more!

The team at Spud Software applies proven methodologies to design, integrate and develop database systems that obtain optimum levels of performance and maximize security to meet clients’ business processes and operations. We strive to increase productivity by simplifying your data management!

Worry-free solutions. Guaranteed up-time. Ensured reliability. All the guarantees when you choose Spud Software!

Our team starts with a thorough understanding of the business problem you’re facing and sees whether there’s an opportunity to create something new or integrate with a current database you’re not capitalizing on through a free, 1-hour explanatory meeting.

We know that handling your end-to-end business database systems is a challenging task – let our team take care of it. We have the development and support staff you need to help automate your workflow - we guarantee it.

Ready to get started? Contact us today to speak to an expert.

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