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Custom Automation Software Development in Michigan - Spud Software - image-content-computers Time and resource saving tools aren’t just an option anymore, they’re a necessity

The strategic goal of many organizations is to automate as many workflows and processes so its people can work smarter, not harder – and that’s where the team at Spud Software comes in.

We understand the importance of business automation, and there’s a good chance your business needs a custom software that can be used company-wide. Whatever process or workflow you are trying to automate, our team provides full-range development and integration services that transform hours of work into just a few clicks.


Our automation software development capabilities include (but are not limited to):

  • CRM integration & development
  • Transaction processing system development
  • Custom supply chain management (importing/exporting goods, logistics, etc.)
  • & more!

With a tremendous range of programming languages, operating systems and programming methodologies, our staff is experienced in the latest development tools that allow them the capability to implement only the best technology for your business.

We Increase Productivity by Simplyfing Data Management
Over hundreds of software solutions for web, mobile and PC created. Tens of thousands of users. One company. Our team has over 20 years of experience in software development and have worked alongside Fortune 500 companies, developing and implementing workflow automation programs for internal use. Take a look at their success stories below – we strive to become our client’s most valuable technology partner!

Automation Case Studies

Blue Water Importers

The Spud team built a system to automatically assign bonds to vehicles and alert the importation manager if any special attention was needed to the bond or shipment of the vehicle, generate and send documentation emails to the custom brokers, and send manifests to the drivers

Dee Cramer

Created and centralized an internal scheduling process where the client was working with spreadsheets and handwritten documents. This new system allowed the user to schedule drivers, trucks, and trailers in a complex manner since the same driver could be using multiple trucks that would also switch between multiple trailers throughout the day.

TMI Climate Solutions

Created a web application to track quoting data and customers for TMI Climate that automated data reports previously represented in endless spreadsheets.

The Pink Fund

Created a web-based application process that allowed clients to upload documents and streamline communication easily. This made the entire process efficient for everyone from the client, to the dedicated Pink Fund staff, who sift through a huge number of documents to get clients processed.

Zweemie, LLC

Created a CMS web portal for client communications management through a variety of contact methods alongside iOS and Adroit apps to easily display content on CMS web portal.


Created an internal system that would automate and streamline the processes of quoting, placing, and tracking orders for the sales and services departments.

America’s Premiere Realty

Spud Software developed Realty Tracker, a custom software solution that tracks and reports on the company’s realty transactions, leads, sales and advertising. It also serves as an employee management system, allowing administrators to create and maintain employee records and associate them with real estate transactions.

Custom-Automation Software Designed
to Your Specifications

Custom-automation software designed to your specifications

Automation is simply a better, faster way to do business. We’re staffed with the hardest working programmers in Michigan and our team is confident we can custom-build a superior software for your business that’ll help bring your workflow to life.

Automation will help…

  • Eliminate tedious data-entry or time-consuming tasks
  • Centralize communication/information in one cohesive place
  • Manage projects and tasks with ease
  • Manage daily workflow processes to ensure consistency is followed
  • Create transparency and alignment between teams
  • Eliminate painfully long email threads
  • Cut down meeting time
  • Create the satisfaction of marking something as “complete” when done!

All our automation development services are custom designed for your business so at any point, you can easily view where your business stands. At Spud Software, our team has what it takes to allow your organization to run seamlessly from every angle.

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Our team starts with a thorough understanding of the business problem you’re facing and sees whether there’s an opportunity to create something new or integrate with a current program you’re not capitalizing on through a free, 1-hour explanatory meeting.

We know that handling your end-to-end business software is a challenging task – let our team take care of it. We have the development and support services you need to help automate your workflow and scale your ROI - we guarantee it.

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