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Custom Android & iOS Application Development Company in Michigan - Spud Software - image-content-officeNo matter the programming language, we’ll create any application with seamless and intuitive designs - using only the latest iOS & Android frameworks.

Our application development and integration capabilities allow us to seamlessly work with any device’s functionality – allowing us to easily integrate new features and deliver the absolute best user experience.

Regardless of the technology or platform focus, our application and integration developers are highly skilled professionals with over 20 years of experience in application development.

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We Increase Productivity by Simplifying Data Management
Quick, transparent, and cost-effective application development is what our customers can expect. Our team has over 20 years of experience in application development and have worked alongside Fortune 500 companies, developing and integrating commercial and small office iOS and Android applications that help optimize business operations. Take a look at their success stories below – we strive to become our client’s most valuable technology partner!

Apps & Integrations Case Studies

Flint Fresh Mobile Market

Created a mobile app to help drive consumer awareness on healthy and accessible local food in the Flint community. Mobile app focused on automated notifications, promotions, and reward programs.

Campus Drive, LLC

Created an easy, safe solution for ride and drive services for college students. Created a public facing website, management portal and mobile app that could be used to connect riders and drivers while providing a simple solution to the resulting transactions.


Created an automated application that was able to track machine issues and fixes as well as keep inventory and current status of any given machine.

Grant McCarthy

Created an app for a corporate tax website that allows large companies to go in on a state by state basis, look back and determine what their net losses would be and refile previous year tax rebates on net operating losses that may have expired or were not used correctly.

Jetpack Media

Created a mobile app tailored to automobile dealerships for comparing similar vehicles from different manufacturers of similar vehicle types and lifestyles as well as an administrative portal for managing app contents.

Kan Rock Tire

Created an app that allowed their stores the ability to schedule appointments and select tire sizes based on feeds and integrations from the third party that provided it.


Spud Software built a Windows Form app that would import the CSV files generated by the equipment.


Created an app that allowed employees to check in returned stock to scan and mark the reason for return efficiently directly from the garage. The app also aggregated all of the information and created detailed reporting.

Michigan Institute of Urology (MIU)

Spud created an iOS app and website which were to be primarily used for managing patient rounds in medical facilities. The purpose was to give visiting doctors an order of operations when they showed up at a given facility of who they needed to see in what sequence.

Primacy Systems PVT. Ltd.

Strengthened client's security portal to sell products and event tickets online while adding more interactive pieces like audio and videos for the users to view after login.


Created a geo-locating app that allowed the user to see where calls generally came from and place ambulances near that location so that they could be the first to respond.

Archadeck Outdoor Living

We created an iPad (iOS) only app for presenting products offered by Archadeck/Outdoor Living Brands, such as sunrooms, shades, screened rooms, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, hardscapes (stone walkways), gazebos, decks and accessories.

Custom-Automation Software Designed to Your Specification

Transform your business ideas to an app with custom mobile application and integration services from Spud Software!

World-class design, reliable and the ultimate app experience is what you can expect from our team. Delivering and exceeding our client’s expectations is what matters to us most; we deliver by constantly improving and educating our development process and team.

We create custom applications using various architecture patterns– allowing us the ability to create, write and test code. We’ll also conduct code reviews as a regular practice to ensure we are improving the quality of work and our development capabilities.

With Spud Software, you can count on…

  • Continuous integration capabilities
  • Interactive testing
  • Industry-leading design principles
  • & more!

We use the latest frameworks provided from Android & iOS – guaranteeing your business always stays ahead of new trends!

Our team starts with a thorough understanding of the business problem you’re facing and see whether there’s an opportunity to create something new or integrate through a free, 1-hour explanatory meeting.

Our development and integration capabilities allow us to seamlessly work with any device’s functionality – allowing us to easily create new features and deliver the absolute best user experience. With our knowledge working with different technologies and services, we can implement just about anything our clients could request.

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