Since 1997, Spud Software has developed custom software solutions and/or implemented PACManager for a variety of businesses and organizations.  The following are just some of the examples of how we helped clients reach their goals.

Air Center Tools

Business Needs
Air Center Tools came to Spud for expertise on custom development on an eCommerce platform. Air Center Tools was looking for ways to automate and increase efficiencies on the management side of the eCommerce system. Air Center is one of the leading tool sales, service, and calibration companies in the country.

Spud was brought on by the management team at Air Center Tools because of our reputation. Spud was able to quickly implement custom code and processes for streamlining product updates, pricing, details, etc. Along with automating batch pricing updates, saving countless hours with the ecommerce management team at Air Center Tools.

Byrdsway Trucking, LLC

Business Needs
The Byrdsway Trucking team came to Spud Software to upgrade their existing application. Byrdsway was running on an old MS Works application restricting their capabilities and hindering them from upgrading their computer systems due to the requirements of the old technology.

Spud implemented a new custom software application that streamlined their contract and quoting processed and allowed for Byrdsway to upgrade their systems, enhancing their security.

Cardinal Machine Company

Company Information
Cardinal Machine Company provides equipment and service to a global base of automotive and non-automotive customers. Established in 1972, the privately owned Michigan Corporation has emerged as a world-class machine builder and systems integrator.

Cardinal Machine Company takes pride in offering their customers simple, reliable, maintainable and durable solutions to the most complex manufacturing challenges. They strive for unparalleled excellence in the machine building and systems integration field. They utilize the latest technological advancements, a clean and modern facility, and experienced staff, to reach their ultimate goal of 100% customer satisfaction.

Business Needs
Cardinal Machine had an Access based system and tasked Spud Software to replace this with a web based software solution that would have the same functionality as the MS Access, plus additional features.

Spud Software worked with the client to go through their current business processes, Access database, reporting requirements and future business goals in order to assess the functionality requirements of the new system. Spud designed a new system which incorporated both the old features as well as new requirements. The system allows for the tracking of sales leads, quotes to customers, PO reconciliation, job set up, task allocation and tracking, part details management, bill of materials management, vendor invoice scheduling, customer invoicing, employee time entry / reconciliation, vacation request approvals, expense approval and categorization, complex reporting and integration for expense logging, reimbursement, and invoicing. The solution also has portals built in for their clients and vendors that allow them to securely share documents and manage RFQs and POs. The functionality is performed with a minimum of data re-entry. Business rules are enforced according to where in the business process a particular task is in its life-cycle.

Chrysler Tire and Wheel Assembly

Business Needs
Chrysler was looking to improve the performance of their complex tire and wheel assembly operation.

Spud Software designed and delivered a system solution that addressed production efficiency, quality assurance , and system stability. The solution converted them from a Cobol based system to a Microsoft based solution with a fully redundant environment to ensure uptime. The application included several features that improved production and quality: A just-in-time inventory management system, vehicle specific inventory selection prompts, built in quality validation checkpoints, and an imaging system that provided an additional visual quality check.


Business Needs
Spud Software was approached to manage the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for Dakkota Integrated Systems, a large Tier 1 automotive supplier. Operating 15 plant locations across Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, and Canada, Dakkota needed a dedicated firm to lend support on their existing software. Support would need to cover several integration points and quick response times so that they could support their clients in a timely manner.

Spud provides Dakkota with 24/7/365 software support, across a wide array of technologies and integrations. The Spud Software team operates as an extension of the Dakkota team to manage and ensure production uptime.

  • Microsoft Stack Development Platforms (Web, Desktop, Mobile, SQL)
  • Android for Mobile Applications
  • Cloud Integration (AWS)
  • RFID Scanners
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Printing
  • PLC Integration with Siemens and Allen Bradley controllers
  • Smart Tool integration for capturing Angles and Pressures
  • Camera Integration for capturing high resolution photos during the manufacturing process
  • Height Variances
  • Workflow/Business Validation

Datafire Solutions

Business Needs
Datafire Solutions came to Spud for software development support for their cloud-based fuel monitoring application that supports the gas station and fueling industry.

Spud provided development resources to build additional components and modules on the existing MyFluidData application. Streamlining the end user experience and creating additional functionality for monitoring, notifications, and alarms. The system interfaces with on premises IoT devices that are reporting key metrics into the cloud application for monitoring and reporting.

Dee Cramer

Business Needs
Dee Cramer needed a more modern scheduling process. They were working with spreadsheets and handwritten documents, which resulted in many phone conversations and a dependency on the right people to communicate details in order for everything to run smoothly.

We were able to centralize the process in a web application so various people within the company could utilize the system. This new system allowed the user to schedule drivers, trucks, and trailers in a complex manner, since the same driver could be using multiple trucks that would also switch between multiple trailers throughout the day. Tracking was also vital, so the system showed what product was in which truck or trailer, where it was located, who needs to load the product, and where each product, truck or trailer was at any given time. They could also facilitate maintenance and make sure everything was available when it was needed, as well as get any resources needed for the maintenance request. Spud Software also included automated alerts in the system based on proximity quick notifications.

Dover & Company

Business Needs
Dover & Company came to Spud looking to implement a mobile application tailored for their commercial clients. The goal of the project was to streamline their commercial customer interactions, from quote requests, to parts requests, or service requests.

Spud developed and implemented a web application, Apple iOS and Android mobile application. The mobile app currently captures various requests from Dover & Company’s commercial clients, notifies the Dover team in real-time. The Dover team can view requests and information submitted by the customer (including photos of a service request) via a cloud-based Administration portal. The Dover team can communicate back to their customers in real time via the app creating a great customer experience.

FKM Roll Tracker / Knowledge Base

Company Information
FKM USA provides its automotive clients with world class rollers for processing rolls of steel. Having a long life cycle, the rollers are periodically inspected, reconditioned, and redeployed.


  1. Roll Tracker – Spud Software developed a software that enables FKM to track and record the specifications, inspections, and deployment usage of the rolls. The system is web based as well as being tablet friendly to enable anywhere, anytime updates. The software also includes a secure portal view for FKMs clients to be able to view real time information about the condition and history of their roles.
  2. Knowledge Base – Spud Software developed a web based application that enables FKM to leverage the expertise of their global staff to reduce engineering and manufacturing problem resolution cycle times. Problems are logged in the system and assigned to key personnel across FKM’s global business units. Resolutions are captured and best practices are established for future use.

Kan Rock Tire business system software

Spud Software developed a comprehensive business system for managing Kan Rock’s tire and auto repair business from end to end, inclusive of:

  • Integrated inventory management features
  • Dynamic, market specific pricing controls
  • Year, make, model, tire data integration
  • Point of Sale interface
  • Coupon/incentive building tools
  • On-line tire pricing and appointment scheduling

Kayser-Threde North America

Spud developed software that ran on the black box that was placed in cars with sensors throughout the vehicle and crash test dummies to measure impact data.

When crashing a brand new car for data collection you want to make sure you don’t miss the data. You only get 1 shot.

A lot of data in a very short time. A test crash is measured in milliseconds so there are hundreds of data points collected every second.

Kistler Engine Servos DIagnostics

Spud Software developed a system that enabled Kistler to deliver better quality and performance for their automotive engine servos. The software receives a diagnostic data feed of compression rate values and analyzes the deviation rates versus the quality standard. The performance of each cylinder is displayed in easy to use data formats as well as graphical displays that provide key performance alerts.


Company Information
Since 1916, Koegel Meats has been synonymous with quality and value, with over thirty-five different products available. Their products are still made with the same recipes and processes that were used back in the beginning.

“We are all about simple and our software was anything but.” – Jim Lay of Koegel Meats.

Business Needs
When Koegel Meats came to us, their process for returned stock was a system that had been written in the late 70’s with few updates since then. They were looking to update the application to current technology, but more importantly, they wanted the application to be mobile so employees could do stock from within the garage and warehouse, rather than having to bring all of the items into the room with the application terminal.

Spud was able to create an application that installed directly on a handheld scanner. This allowed employees checking in returned stock to scan and mark the reason for return efficiently directly from the garage. The app also aggregated all of the information and created detailed reporting. By doing this, Spud was able to replace a portion of their old system from the 70’s in order to streamline their process and make their tracking more effectual.

LaserCoil Technologies, LLC

Company Overview
In 2014, LaserCoil introduced technology that challenges the very definition of modern metal processing. As their processes and technology were revolutionary and the business was still in its beginning stages, LaserCoil was concerned about developing a successful marketing strategy without sharing too many secrets with potential competition. They wanted a secure way to introduce prospective clients to their laser approach to high-volume blanking while demonstrating their ability to integrate their system into existing lines.

Spud Software provided LaserCoil with a website solution that allowed them a solid web presence while keeping their proprietary technology functionality secure. Their website included a “Media” section that was password protected, giving LaserCoil the power to choose who was able to view their technology information. In addition to password protection on access to their media information, the site also included password protection on file downloads to further ensure the security of information.

LaserCoil also requested a custom employee login portal where select LaserCoil employees could access, download and install their custom sales app complete with product overviews and specs.

LumaSmart corporate rebranding

Business Needs
Lumasmart lighting had developed unique LED lighting solutions and was interested in rebranding their identity to better capture their industry leading technology and advantages.

Spud Software designed and launched an entire new website inclusive of enhanced messaging and content.

National Industrial Supply

Business Needs:
NIS reached out to use to help build a better enterprise application to replace their current method business processes. The major need was to take all the different processes and bundle them into one application. With the many processes that are in place for the business, operation time was spent between organizing and updating data. A centralized application to handle all their needs, processes and automation created within the application to streamline and save time. 

Company Information:
National Industrial Supply Co. (NIS) is the national leader in providing quality on-site load testing inspection of lifting slings and associated hardware to ensure our customers maintain safety compliance. NIS is dedicated to providing innovative rigging equipment and services to allow our customers to track and manage all their compliance records online. NIS bases all of its inspection procedures on recognized standards from OSHA, MIOSHA, ASME/ANSI and ASTM.

General Problem Description:
NIS used spreadsheets to track moving data revolving from asset information to the quotes and sales leads. The use of a third party Software as a Service application is time-consuming and was rattled issues, this turns into a cost to NIS as the certified inspectors are waiting on their inspection application to work and load properly. The quoting team, sales team, and inspection team were disconnected by the different methods used to perform their daily processes. To get an update on certain data it would result in several emails and phone calls to get the data originally inquired about which could result in timely wait. When one method was updated it did not result in an update to other processes, the update needed to be repeated in several areas manually. Automation is missing causing the user to handle the same data multiple times. Sales team and Quoting team will gather data and have the accounting users create the data in the accounting software and return it to the original inquirer.

One central application. All data is stored, replicated, manipulated and used from one source. We took all the individual processes and implemented them into one shared location. Automation built into process flow to remove the user handling data multiple times. The users can now track data in the application instead of reaching out to another user to inquire of the data. The Sales and Quoting teams now have the ability to create their own quotes and orders without intervention from the accounting team. Along with tracking the data as it matures. Excel is only used with prebuilt reports from the application. We took their multi-positional process and bundled it into one system targeted for the responsive user interface, user friendliness, and data integrity. Part of the package was a Commerce store. The store is public and private facing. This will help NIS grow their customer potential and revenue.

Technical Details:
During the elicitation of the application, NIS choose that integration of their application of third party systems would benefit the process flow even greater. The use of individual processes calls different APIs throughout the application without user intervention which reduces the time and gave a greater UX. We integrated systems such as

  • QuickBooks
  • UPS World Ship
  • Payeezy Payments services

The inspector’s application was built into an Android application to allow the user to use a handheld device while out in the field. The application supports taking data offline to be updated. This reduced time of loading and searching increased workflow and allowed the user to accomplish more within the time they have. The Android application integrated with

  • RFID Readers and NFC in devices

To allow the user to quickly scan an asset to perform the inspection. We limited the process flow of the previous SaaS application used and the data load on the device. The process is streamlined and automated for the user. When syncing the Android application, automated updates to data and automated procedures fired to update and create new tasks. Resulting in less time spent updating data and creating new tasks.

Scada gas well control software

Spud Software worked with a Texas based Gas lift company to design a unique well control software. Receiving current well condition data feeds from a locally running SCADA system, the software processes the data values against a set of proprietary well performance rules – and sends back automated well actuator commands to each of the wells components.


Business Needs
Tecnomagnete was seeking to implement a system that would automate and streamline the processes of quoting, placing, and tracking orders for the sales and services departments.

Spud Software has developed a system that will provide significant benefits in the following areas:

  • Improved efficiency through automatic generation of documents and centralization of data /documents. 
  • Improved workload visibility and timeliness through process driving work queues.
  • Improved consistency of documentation by establishing standard formats.
  • Reduced training time for employees to learn the business processes.
  • Improved access to historical documentation.
  • Improved commission management and payment 

Telgian Management Technologies, LLC

Business Need:
Telgian needed a tool that will allow clients to track their compliance measures mandated by the government. The client would need to be able to complete tasks adhering to the compliance measures and see the progress of measures being completed throughout the year. The tool will need to be multitenant and allow a company to have multiple sub companies that track their individual measures.

The solution created has an enrollment process that the client will go through to set up their compliance measures. The application allows the admins of a company or sub company to set up tasks and submit forms to the compliance measures that are tracked with a KPI dashboard via graphs. The application has reports built in with graphs and excel exports. A console application was built to auto create tasks and send email as a nightly process.

Technical Information:
The application was built in C# MVC, Angular 4, Entity Framework, and SQL database.

The Continuous Improvement App

Business Needs
Objective was to use gamification to engage employees in sharing quality and cost saving ideas.

Spud Software developed a concept for an engaging application that would encourage repeated use.
The proposed app included a game-like setting, status and achievement recognition and comprehensive reporting.
Key calls to action were designed to increase employee engagement in idea generation.

TMI Climate Solutions

Company Information
TMI Climate Solutions provides custom HVAC solutions, ranging from the rigorous extremes of a government research facility to the health concerns surrounding the indoor air quality in hospitals. TMI is committed to manufacturing and delivering the best custom manufactured solutions available today for worldwide applications. All divisions of TMI Climate Solutions provide a higher level of comfort backed by the Berkshire-Hathaway name.
TMI’s main office and manufacturing facility is located in Holly, Michigan. This facility houses their administrative, service, and production groups for their pure Custom Air Handlers, as well as Advanced Hydronics, Data Center and Custom DX products.

Business Needs
TMI Climate wanted a web based application to track customers, quotes, and reporting tools as their prior method was using an excessive amount of spreadsheets. The sheets were shared with the sales team, but were not linked to drive automation. Report spreadsheets were built by copy & paste or user input, so the need was to create a more user friendly process via a web application in order to store all data from one source, use prebuilt reports, and automate the data into the reports.  

The sales team was using a shared sheet to track their quoting data and customers. The sheets would not auto update and all data was entered by hand, resulting in employees needing to do manual updates which could take hours. In the process, the data would go missing, become repetitive, or be inconsistent due to spelling mismatches and use or misuse of certain data fields over another.

Spud Software created a web application to track quotes that had been built by the sales team. The user had the ability to create or update a quote data, which would manually update multiple points. Customers would not be created and tracked in the application, helping limit user input errors. A notification system was built to notify the user that one of their quotes had been updated or action had taken place on it. Users could send alert notifications to other users not included in the quote, and there was a notes tracking system for every quote through its life cycle. Once data was added into the system, the reports pulled the data down to manipulate it at generation and users could export excel files to manipulate it further if necessary.

Technical Details
The application was built in .NET with knockout.js for responsiveness for UX. There are many Ajax calls throughout the application to help data entry and limit mistakes to strengthen data integrity. We used C3.js library to build graphs into the application to visually display certain data based on provided criteria.


Business Need
TPA needed software support to make updates and changes to their proprietary software. The software was built by the TPA team and TPA enlisted Spud Software to be the 3rd party vendor to help update and maintain the applications.

Spud Software helps maintain the applications by making database updates, server updates and configurations. TPA has trusted Spud’s development team to make updates to the core application and build into the applications for TPAs different clients. Spud Software has updated workflows, Excel reports, styling, notification emails, new client portal set ups, and website UX.

Technical Information

  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • SQL


Business Needs:
Tri-Chem needed a complete order tracking system from sales leads and follow-ups to quoting, to ordering and shipment of the products they sell.

Company Information:

  • In 1968, Gerald Chernow started Modern Research in his basement in Oak Park, Michigan
  • In 1972 a manufacturing facility was opened in Detroit, Michigan
  • In 1975 an affiliate was opened in North Miami, Florida
  • In 1978 the Headquarters was opened in Dallas, Texas
  • In 1981 the Headquarters was moved to Troy, Michigan
  • In 1984 the company focus was shifted from cleaners/degreasers to Epoxy patching and sealing systems.
  • In 1989, Tri-Chem was opened
  • In 1990, the company eclipsed 75+ Account Managers
  • In 1995, the Tooling Division of Tri-Chem was opened
  • In 2007, Mentor Group was acquired
  • In 2009, the manufacturing facility was moved to Troy, Michigan
  • In 2012, Tri-Chem began collaboration on website and rebranding

General Problem Description:
Currently, Tri-Chem uses three different systems to process and fulfill orders, manage their inventory, and manage payroll and billing. The ordering system is outdated and has queries/reports that no longer function properly. The system has two levels, RTS for building quotes, placing orders and tracking sales leads. Their current system was grossly out of date, hard to navigate, not user-friendly and they had to utilize a lot of hard copy documents to manage the order process and at times may have documents containing sensitive client information internally. They also have a Gateway system for reporting on commissions, sales, and bonuses that batch payroll and sales information into their accounting program, Great Plains. RTS and Gateway are both outdated and in need of replacement with a system that more seamlessly integrates with Great Plains and allows for the more electronic exchange of information.

Spud Software will be providing Tri-Chem with an all-in-one web-based system that will include sales lead tracking, quoting, order placement, reporting, and integration directly into Great Plains with a customer specific eStore for each contact that a salesperson can customize with specific products. All of the quotes and orders will be placed through the eStore by a salesperson impersonating the contact (customer) they are quoting for, therefore creating the order history under that contact. Orders can also be placed directly by the contact through their eStore. We will integrate directly with Great Plains and have notification back to CTS that orders have been placed with complete tracking information for salesperson follow-up. We are also going to try to integrate credit card processing to accommodate their specialized shipping needs. They currently run all credit card orders manually by users (admins) entering credit card information each time an order is fulfilled. We are hoping to mitigate that process, minimize the need for hard-copy documents thus minimizing the risk of exposure of sensitive data, and create a user-friendly environment.

Zumu Online Trading Platform

Company Information
Zumu is an on-line trading platform that enables people to get cash for their unwanted stuff. Spud Software collaborated with Zumu to design and develop the public facing website as well as the back end system for the market pricing tables, automated e-mail communications, USPS integration, and warehouse management system integration for order processing.

Spud Software also developed a mobile app for Android and IOS. The app allows consumers to use a bar code scanner for more efficient price look ups as well as completing their trade.