Less than 30 days is the goal. The first 30 days are spent setting up the QA (testing) and Production hosting environments, cleansing and importing your data, and setting up users. Next, we map out the release schedule based on the most important modules first creating a road map.
Every client has their own set of code and database. This allows for unrestricted customization and a quicker turn-around. Our entire staff works in Grand Blanc, MI providing the best support possible. We view ourselves as your partner, not another number in the churn statistic. We understand your business needs are unique, and PACManager molds around your business, instead of trying to fit your business around a software. You pay a single flat monthly fee regardless of the number of users.
Companies that are using paper or Excel to track or report business. Using numerous software systems that don’t integrate. Companies wanting real time, accurate reporting. Wanting real support and more of a partner. Companies that just want things handled by experts without requiring additional staff being hired to support it.
Absolutely not. All work including project management, development and ongoing support is done in our office in Grand Blanc, MI by Spud Software.
We are committed to making sure all our clients are successful. You should expect and will receive awesome support. We are available via phone and email Monday – Friday from 9am to 5pm ET to support you with your business and the PACManager software.