When custom software is needed, writing the code is easiest part.  After 24+ years and hundreds of clients we know how to help clients get what they need.  

We are process driven company and our process for Defining, Designing, Developing and Delivering success software is what makes Spud the best choice for a software development partner.



Make no mistake, the Define Phase is the most important part of our process. We learn about your business goals and objectives. After that, we can get to work and make it happen for you.

Where expertise, creativity and great communication meet. Once we have the big picture, understanding and key requirements, we work on the design of your project including the deployment road map. We design your project to meet your user requirements, timing and budget.

We roll up our sleeves and get the job done. We communicate with you as things progress. Our founder Derek Sommer says, “I’ve never had a client call me and say, ‘Stop telling me what is happening with my project!’ Constant communication is key to success.”

Next we deploy to production. We don’t stop here. Even if this was the final release, we know that additional support may be needed. We begin work on any updates or changes now ready for development.

The point is, Spud is always there for our clients.


When vetting a software company, it’s important to understand why more companies choose Spud to provide their software solutions.

More than Developers.
Our team of consultants provide a level of expertise and experience with processes, data, reports and accountability second to none. Each of our consultants have 10+ years experience helping businesses with implementing the best solutions. Before our developers write a single line of code, we become part of your team and ultimately help your business succeed and reach its goals by putting together a strategy that meets each clients budget and timing requirements.

You Own the Code.
It is important to make sure that the customized business software solution you are paying for is owned by you. If you ever want to change companies, bring the work in house or sell the software, you want to make sure you own it. The only exception to this is if you go with our subscription based solution PACManager.

You Own the Data.
It is hard to believe, but we still know companies that got involved with the wrong development company only to find out they don’t own the data. Some companies will say you own the data, but do not provide a method to export it without a huge cost. We make sure that your data is your data and if you ever need it, you can get it.

You Own the Intellectual Property.
If it is proprietary to your business, we keep it confidential. To keep you covered, we request all confidential and proprietary documentation is marked accordingly and all our staff has signed confidentiality agreements. And here’s another reason for using a local company like Spud: How can you hold someone accountable if they aren’t in the United States?

Realistic Ongoing Costs.
Depending on the project, there may be ongoing costs. They could be as small as hosting or could involve call center support. Some of our clients are constantly changing their processes and purchase billable hours in advance for additional savings. We will be open and honest about what the ongoing costs are prior to starting any project.

Impressive Resume.
Spud has done work for companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups with investors. With 23+ years of experience and a wide range of clients, Spud can bring a ton of experience and understanding of what works.

100% American Owned and Operated.
Our in-house developers do all the work. We never sub-contract to offshore companies. We’ve seen the work they do and their data formats, the flow of the programs and overall functionality isn’t always consistent with how Americans do things. There may be some great offshore development firms out there, we just haven’t heard of any.