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Visible Builder Social Media Management Mobile App

Company Information

On March 27th, 2013, Dennis Schaefer attended JLC Live, a national trader show for residential construction professionals. After speaking with other builders at the conference, Schaefer noted some frustration among his colleagues with the recent rise of Social Media Marketing. Large-sized construction and home improvement companies were taking advantage of social networks like Facebook, and Houzz to advertise their work. Meanwhile, small business owners said they lacked the resources to reap the benefits of social media marketing. 

Being a licensed builder in the state of Michigan for more than 34 years, Schaefer understood their concern. Following the conference, Schaefer took out his binder and began jotting down some ideas for
A year later, Schaefer shared his idea with our Spud developers and Visible Builder soon became a web-based program, capable of maintaining various social media profiles and handling daily posts for professionals in the construction industry. 

“The initial reaction has been even better than expected…Everyone loves the concept and the program’s simplicity.” 


Spud Software worked with Visible Builder to develop an app that ties into their Social Media Management platform (also developed by Spud) that allows users to submit account updates via their mobile devices. These updates create online reviews on the most popular and Google searched sites and include the ability to upload images. The system also took and tracked payment and would discontinue user access if payment was overdue. 

Technical Details

1. Reputation Monitoring – Research on what’s being said about a client’s company online. 

2. Testimonial Harvesting – Builders will also be asked to submit email addresses, which are used for testimonial harvesting. Visible Builder contacts the client’s best customers to obtain testimonials, then posts to their various social networks. 

3. Local Search Assistance – Updating any outdated profile information on local search directories.  

  • The ability to take a picture or select from the phone’s gallery. 
  • Tracking and displaying the number of monthly updates a user has remaining. 
  • A simple, easy-to-use interface to make the process less intimidating for users.
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