Case Studies

TMI Climate Solutions

Business Needs

TMI Climate wanted a web based application to track customers, quotes, and reporting tools as their prior method was using an excessive amount of spreadsheets. The sheets were shared with the sales team, but were not linked to drive automation. Report spreadsheets were built by copy & paste or user input, so the need was to create a more user friendly process via a web application in order to store all data from one source, use prebuilt reports, and automate the data into the reports.  

Company Information

TMI Climate Solutions provides custom HVAC solutions, ranging from the rigorous extremes of a government research facility to the health concerns surrounding the indoor air quality in hospitals. TMI is committed to manufacturing and delivering the best custom manufactured solutions available today for worldwide applications. All divisions of TMI Climate Solutions provide a higher level of comfort backed by the Berkshire-Hathaway name.

TMI's main office and manufacturing facility is located in Holly, Michigan. This facility houses their administrative, service, and production groups for their pure Custom Air Handlers, as well as Advanced Hydronics, Data Center and Custom DX products.

General Problem Description

The sales team was using a shared sheet to track their quoting data and customers. The sheets would not auto update and all data was entered by hand, resulting in employees needing to do manual updates which could take hours. In the process, the data would go missing, become repetitive, or be inconsistent due to spelling mismatches and use or misuse of certain data fields over another.


Spud Software created a web application to track quotes that had been built by the sales team. The user had the ability to create or update a quote data, which would manually update multiple points. Customers would not be created and tracked in the application, helping limit user input errors. A notification system was built to notify the user that one of their quotes had been updated or action had taken place on it. Users could send alert notifications to other users not included in the quote, and there was a notes tracking system for every quote through its life cycle. Once data was added into the system, the reports pulled the data down to manipulate it at generation and users could export excel files to manipulate it further if necessary.

Technical Details

The application was built in .NET with knockout.js for responsiveness for UX. There are many Ajax calls throughout the application to help data entry and limit mistakes to strengthen data integrity. We used C3.js library to build graphs into the application to visually display certain data based on provided criteria.

Spud Software, Inc. BBB Business Review