Case Studies



Business Needs

SendJim wanted to simplify customer follow-up with a software solution that automates their client’s responses to customers.

Company Information:

Joshua Latimer has a passion for helping small businesses recognize their potential through customer relations. He works with his clients to help them understand the importance of properly following up and engaging their biggest asset, their current customers, and to show them a clear path to more money and referrals simply by loving their clients better.

General Problem Description

Joshua Latimer, founder of SendJim, originally approached an off-shore company to build the software in order to save on costs. With multiple undesired results, he then approached Spud Software and we were able to assist with the project requirements, implement, and roll-out the completed software with both reasonable pricing and timing. Spud Software excelled and provided more than just the step-by-step coding instructions you see from an off-shore company. SendJim needed a business automation tool for regular people. It was hand built for small business professionals as a way to increase their customer loyalty, follow up, and customer engagement. Their belief is “You don’t have time to follow up with every single prospect or client, but “Jim” does.”


Spud Software continually works with SendJim to add more and more useful features to their software application. Here are the phases that have been completed so far:

Phase #1: Street Bidder
Sending Postcards and Emails on the move.

During this phase Spud Software built out both a web application and mobile apps for Android and iOS. It allowed a simple way for users to reach out to potential customers and also follow-up with current and potential customers by sending emails and postcards. To send a potential customer a quote, the user can take a picture of the house from the street, enter the address and pricing details in to the app, and with the click of a button send the customer a fully customized postcard.

Here is a feature list:
1. Photo editor for modifying pictures before sending mailings
2. You can “search” for previously captured customer information so you don't have to type it in again
3. Added a “Find Me” button that auto locates you and saves time from typing in the street, city, state and zip codes.
4. Brand new and completely redesigned “Quick Send” feature.
5. Send emails in addition to postcards
6. You can set your postcards and emails to send immediately or at any future date
7. You can send multiple different mailings at once with a sequence all by pushing one button
8. You can buy credits inside the mobile app

Phase #2: Sending Gifts, Letters, and Greeting Cards

During this phase, we improved upon the software to include additional mailing types. For example, you can send brownies, gift cards, and popcorn to your customers. Or you can send them a custom letter or high quality greeting card.

Phase #3: Radius Bomb, Neighbor Mailing, and Integration Options

This has been the ultimate improvement! During this release Spud updated the software to do the following:
1. Radius Bomb: Using a satellite view map, draw a shape around any house or group of houses to automatically send them a mailing. We build a comprehensive address database that includes every mail-able address in the United States along with their location data. This has caused a lot of excitement among small business who can now target neighborhoods with mailings without sending out salespeople on foot.
2. Neighbor Mailing (Five-Around): Typically, a small business will walk to the nearest neighbors of a recent customer once the job is complete. Starting with this release the system can automatically send a custom mailing to the clients nearest neighbors! It can include a picture of the work done from the customer and testimonial.
3. Integration Options: API available to use with your favorite CRM. Within your CRM users can now send a Send Jim Mailing once a job is complete without having to log into the SendJim application separately. Users can also import their customer list from the CRM into SendJim with the click of a button.

Technical Details
Web application built using a .NET MVC Framework and SQL Server Database. The Android and iOS mobile apps are built in their respective native languages.

Spud Software, Inc. BBB Business Review