Case Studies

Primacy Systems PVT. Ltd.


General Problem Description

When the client came to us, their current website was having functionality issues. When a user accessed the site and tried to update their subscription, it would process the payment but it would not activate the subscription. Due to this error, the company had to process credit back to all of the subscribers that ran into the issue and manually update their subscription. Their site was down for three days at one point while they were trying to correct the problem.

They also were unable to sell physical products or event tickets online, had minimal security to the site, and the site was not interactive for the user.


We were able to step in and fix the payment issue in their site in under two hours. After that, we created a new site for them which gave strengthened security, allowed them to sell products and event tickets online, and added more interactive pieces like audio and videos for the users to view after log in. We developed the audio player as a site-wide application that allows users to play audio files that will continue playing while the user navigates through the site. For instance, if you were listening to the audio and decided you enjoyed the speaker, you could continue listening while you went to the purchase page to buy more audio from their series. We integrated UPS Vertex and Global One Pay and credit custom credit card payments which allows the system to do all of the subscription billing and even manage automatic retries.  

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