Case Studies

Michigan Institute of Urology (MIU)

Business Needs

Provide a proof-of-concept demo app for use at trade-shows.

Company Information

As one of the oldest and largest sub-specialty Urology practices in the State of Michigan, Michigan Institute of Urology (MIU) is dedicated to providing patients the most up to date, state of the art urologic care. Their specialists have been recruited from the most sophisticated university centers in the United States and are available at all 22 office locations. MIU's administrative staff follows strict guidelines to insure the most cost effective medical care is provided. Michigan Institute of Urology, P.C., is comprised of 46 General and Fellowship Trained Urologists with a complement of compassionate, caring Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Medical Assistants and Ancillary Personnel.

General Problem Description:  

MIU was in search of a method for tracking patients within medical facilities that could supplement existing system. Partnering with Industry Scope, MIU had a vision of a product which could be resold to other medical facilities for managing patient billing codes using a lite-weight mobile app which could also be used to notify on-premises care providers of an emergent situation with a patient at a given facility.


Spud created an iOS app and website which were to be primarily used for managing patient rounds in medical facilities.  The purpose was to give visiting doctors an order of operations when they showed up at a given facility of who they needed to see in what sequence. Administrators could do push communications that went out across all the users of the app.  That way, if a patient was going into an emergent situation the user could push a notification to the doctor saying “If you’re within this active patient care group at the facility you are assigned to at this time, you need to get to room ### stat”. The backend website managed the content of the application, allowing the user to add other users, patients and their data, as well as hospitals, their floor and their room information.  

We built a prototype system that MIU could then take to trade shows and demonstrations.  The demo provided flexibility and on-the-fly customizations such as allowing users to do drag-and-drop reordering of patients and allowed them to enter patient notes and apply billing codes to patient records. This software prototyping was built so that MIU could take the demo to trade shows. The demo also allowed the user to enter notes that stayed until the demo was complete.

Technical Details

  • iOS app for managing patients, patient rounds, and billing codes.
  • Administrative CMS website for adding new patients, adding in medical care facility information, system user administration, billing codes management, and End of Day report generation.
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