Case Studies

LaserCoil Technologies, LLC

Company Overview

In 2014, LaserCoil introduced technology that challenges the very definition of modern metal processing.  As their processes and technology were revolutionary and the business was still in its beginning stages, LaserCoil was concerned about developing a successful marketing strategy without sharing too many secrets with potential competition.  They wanted a secure way to introduce prospective clients to their laser approach to high-volume blanking while demonstrating their ability to integrate their system into existing lines.


Spud Software provided LaserCoil with a website solution that allowed them a solid web presence while keeping their proprietary technology functionality secure.  Their website included a “Media” section that was password protected, giving LaserCoil the power to choose who was able to view their technology information.  In addition to password protection on access to their media information, the site also included password protection on file downloads to further ensure the security of information.

LaserCoil also requested a custom employee login portal where select LaserCoil employees could access, download and install their custom sales app complete with product overviews and specs.

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