Case Studies


Custom Inventory Control System Saves Significant Man-Hours


"We are all about simple and our software was anything but." - Jim Lay of Koegel Meats.

Company Information

Since 1916, Koegel Meats has been synonymous with quality and value, with over thirty-five different products available. Their products are still made with the same recipes and processes that were used back in the beginning.

General Problem Description

When Koegel Meats came to us, their process for returned stock was a system that had been written in the late 70’s with few updates since then. They were looking to update the application to current technology, but more importantly, they wanted the application to be mobile so employees could do stock from within the garage and warehouse, rather than having to bring all of the items into the room with the application terminal.


Spud was able to create an application that installed directly on a handheld scanner. This allowed employees checking in returned stock to scan and mark the reason for return efficiently directly from the garage. The app also aggregated all of the information and created detailed reporting. By doing this, Spud was able to replace a portion of their old system from the 70’s in order to streamline their process and make their tracking more effectual.

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