Case Studies


Business Needs

Their need was based on the ability to visually see data that is given by their manufacturing equipment. The manufacturing equipment used produces a CSV file when a product is built to give insight if the product was built to specifications. The CSV file will produce data that will allow the user to know if the product is good or bad. The Need was to visually represent the data in the CSV file to the user. Reading the CSV file data as it is produce by the machine was time consuming.

A machine creates a part and then the machine’s computer spits out a CSV file and they want to see if the part came out okay. So they wanted us to create a reader to read in these CSV files into a database and basically be able to graph that data.

General Problem Description

Kistler came to us with a unique need. They had manufacturing equipment that created data that would indicate if the produced part was good or bad, but no way to visually see the information. They wanted to have an application that would import CSV files produced by the equipment so that there was a visual representation of all of the data that had been generated.


Spud Software built a Windows Form application that would import the CSV files generated by the equipment. 12 files were produced every 10 seconds, so the application needed to be built for a strenuous workload. It also needed to forecast the growth of the business along with the equipment. The application was able to digest between 4 and 44 CSV files per second, depending on the amount of data that was present. A web based report viewer was built to visually display the data, and the reports were displayed graphically in charts to show the statistical data.

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