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Kan Rock Tire

Company Information

Kan Rock Tire has served the automotive needs of mid-Michigan families, individuals, and businesses for more than 60 years. Locally famous for its Rock Bottom Prices, Kan Rock Tire’s eight locations are full service automotive facilities that offer scheduled maintenance repairs, and tire sales and service.

Leonard C Roche and his wife, Helen, opened the first garage in Flint in 1951 and began emphasizing tire sales in 1965. They later added stores in the Flint area and expanded to locations in Bay City, Caro, Clio, Fenton, Lapeer, and Saginaw. Son, Tim, joined the successful family business in 1979 and later served as president.

The company was acquired by Monro Muffler Brake, Inc. in June 2014. The stores now operate under the Kan Rock Tire/Monro Auto Service Centers name. Monro is the largest independent automotive service chain in the United States, with 1,061 stores in 25 states, and the fourth largest independent tire dealer.

Kan Rock Tire combines exceptional local service with Monro’s national warranties and volume pricing on tires and replacement parts.


Spud Software developed multiple applications for the company in order to create a web based system for all of their needs. This allowed their stores the ability to schedule appointments and select tire sizes based on feeds and integrations from the third party that provided it.

The KanRock web-based system helped to streamline work efforts by allowing a person to both log in under their main store location and also giving access to information from all others stores. Quotes could be provided on retail level or multiple wholesale level options and user management provided means for employees to do reporting and send out emails to customers quickly and efficiently.

A system was created for their warehouse which would allow the employee to place an order and have it sent from either their warehouse or one of the other locations. The multifaceted ordering system would allow the owner to do all of the ordering and tally it into the system so that it would go into future inventory. Once the inventory was received, the information would automatically be added to the locations system. A complex generation of PDFs was created so that when an order was made, the PDF would generate and print, allowing for the user to both store the PDF in the system and give a print out to the customer.

In depth reporting showed what locations had the needed inventory, with tracking that included when the tires were received and where they went. Additionally, if someone received a part that had been ordered from another company, the minute it was entered into the system a report would be generated showing the part received, who received it, if it was already a dedicated part to a specific VIN, and what vehicle it was going on. The reports functionality could show reports on all stores or individual locations, and had comparative reporting which helped to highlight what stores were doing well and allow users to view the data in order to drive competition with other users.

KanRock also wanted to add a whole warehouse functionality. Users could go out and get accounts with other tire stores, those tire stores could then place an order and they would be shipped out accordingly. Easy tracking and order management was provided through this functionality.

Technical Details:  

1. Integrated inventory management features
2. Dynamic, market specific pricing controls
3. Year, make, model, tire data integration
4. Point of Sale interface
5. Coupon/incentive building tools
6. On-line tire pricing and appointment scheduling

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