Case Studies

Ideal Machinery, Inc.

Business Needs

Ideal machinery needed support for an existing database and API system in order to manage data
synchronization between two different online sales portals which share a common inventory.

Company Information

Ideal Machinery, Inc. has spent over 20 years building a company with a reputation for understanding the fast-paced climate of the industry. They make it a point to ship products quickly and from their beginning in machinery sales, to their current status as one of the world’s largest dealers of machinery and parts, they have done everything they can to satisfy their customers – and that has made Ideal Machinery, Inc. a force to be reckoned with in this industry.

General Problem Description

Ideal Machinery has a website and database with an attached API, with the full system in PHP. Along with the website, Ideal Machinery also has an eBay site where they sell their products. The custom made API allows
the company to synchronize changes to the products automatically across both the website and eBay. For example, if the description were to be updated for a product, this change would automatically update in both
locations, synchronizing their inventory across platforms.


Spud Software provides support to maintain and update the WordPress site, e-Store, API for data synchronization, and related services. 

Technical Details

  • WordPress site with a large amount of custom coding and plug-in management.
  • Online e-store for hardware sales and support. 
  • Business eBay profile for hardware sales.
  • Custom API for inventory levels and data synchronization between WordPress e-Store and Business eBay profile
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