Case Studies

Grant McCarthy


General Problem Description

A member of their staff was using a custom developed Microsoft Access based application to calculate net operating loss tax values based on provided company information.  Grant McCarthy was looking to expand this application into a software as a service system in a web-based platform, but previous attempts to migrate the application to the web had failed.


We created an app for the corporate tax website that allows large companies to go in on a state by state basis, look back and determine what their net losses would be, and refile previous year tax rebates on net operating losses that may have expired or were not used correctly. The app also allows the user to look forward and view what their net operating loss is as they import their data, and when the best time would be to claim those taxes. This was redeveloped as a fully web-based application, allowing it to be taken to market as a software-as-a-service tool. What he will be able to do is, his team can still manage an individual’s tax records, import their data and run it, but the end reports that people need to actually do the refile are things that the end-users of the different corporations would be able to run themselves.  It is targeted towards large to very large corporations operating on a national scale.

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