Case Studies


General Problem Description

FKM came to us with multiple needs. First, they were looking for a way to track issues and fixes with equipment so that people in each office across the globe could have access to helpful information. Second, they needed to be able to track rolls of steel from location to location.



FKM, which has offices in multiple countries, was provided with the means to track machine issues and fixes. This allowed for users at any location to log in and see if there were any problems similar to theirs and if any fixes had helped so as not to have to reinvent the wheel every time machinery went down. By looking at the knowledge base on the site we provided, the US team could see, for instance, if the Germany team had ran across the issue and if they had figured out a solution.

Roll Tracker was created so that rolls of steel could be tracked as far as how much diameter was left on the roll, and if it needed to be reconditioned or replaced, it would also track the roll through that process. Each roll had an ID, so it could be tracked through its entire life and a user could see everything that had been done to it as well as where it was currently.

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