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Diplomat Pharmacy

Company Information

Diplomat Pharmacy, Inc. operates as an independent specialty pharmacy in the United States. The company stocks, dispenses, and distributes prescriptions for various biotechnology and specialty pharmaceutical manufacturers. It also provides specialty infusion pharmacy, patient care coordination, clinical, compliance and persistency programs, patient financial assistance, specialty pharmacy training/consulting, benefits investigation, prior authorization, risk evaluation and medication strategy, retail specialty, and hub services, as well as clinical and administrative support services to hospitals and health systems. The company’s primary focus is on medication management programs for individuals with complex chronic diseases, including oncology, immunology, hepatitis, multiple sclerosis, specialized infusion therapy, and various other serious or long-term conditions. Diplomat Pharmacy, Inc. has 16 pharmacy locations in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The company was founded in 1975 and is headquartered in Flint, Michigan. Diplomat has approximately 1,565 employees.  

Diplomat is the nation’s largest independent specialty pharmacy.  They work with the entire health care ecosystem to connect patients who have chronic and rare conditions to medication, information and funding.  Their high-touch and uniquely personal approach is backed by exceptional results in patient satisfaction, prescriber satisfaction, adherence rates and more.  They believe in collaborating with payors, prescribers and pharmaceutical companies to provide the best possible patient support.



Spud Software improved their patient care process by designing a system architecture that integrated Diplomat Pharmacy’s system, a new patient care system (developed by Spud), their accounting system, UPS’s system and several other downstream applications.  Spud also performed detailed patient care process analysis, documented the company’s process steps and translated them into a standardized automated patient care system.   Phase 1 was complete in 4 months.
This resulted in the company’s patient volumes increasing over 200% within 6 months of launching the software and the e-based services being offered to health insurance companies and physicians.  Shipping costs were reduced by 25% and hardcopy document storage was reduced by a 25:1 ratio.

Spud Software, Inc. BBB Business Review