Case Studies

Dee Cramer

General Problem Description

Dee Cramer needed a more modern scheduling process. They were working with spreadsheets and handwritten documents, which resulted in many phone conversations and a dependency on the right people to communicate details in order for everything to run smoothly.


We were able to centralize the process in a web application so various people within the company could utilize the system. This new system allowed the user to schedule drivers, trucks, and trailers in a complex manner, since the same driver could be using multiple trucks that would also switch between multiple trailers throughout the day. Tracking was also vital, so the system showed what product was in which truck or trailer, where it was located, who needs to load the product, and where each product, truck or trailer was at any given time. They could also facilitate maintenance and make sure everything was available when it was needed, as well as get any resources needed for the maintenance request. Spud Software also included automated alerts in the system based on proximity quick notifications.

Spud Software, Inc. BBB Business Review