Case Studies

Brand Labs

Company Information

Brand Labs creates custom Volusion solutions for manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. They pride themselves on the development of unique eCommerce sites that meet their clients’ very specific needs — even when those needs extend beyond the world of eCommerce. For example, they can integrate Volusion with third party applications, even your own proprietary ones, allowing you to use Volusion as a hub for your entire business. As a matter of fact, they've become so good at what they do that they've become Volusion’s Enterprise Solution Partner, helping them to meet the needs of their larger retailers.

General Problem Description

Brand Labs was in need of talented developers. To meet their customer deadlines, Spud Software stepped in to assist with their projects. Spud software was able to work with the Brand Labs team, so much so that Spud Software worked as an extension of their team. Spud’s team attended meetings, used their software version control, and collaborated with their developers to meet customer expectations.


Spud software provided support in the following ways:

  • Existed as part of their team
  • Used their software version control
  • Collaborated with their lead developers
Spud Software, Inc. BBB Business Review