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Your Favorite Summer Activities: There's an App for That

Your Favorite Summer Activities: There's an App for That - Spud in the News | Spud Software - Screen_Shot_2017-09-20_at_2

There's an app to help you with almost every summer fun activity.

Last week we asked you, our loyal readers, to share some of your favorite summer activities and we received a treasure trove of ideas. As we got to thinking about all of the fun things there are to do during the summer, we realized that there is an app for just about everything you suggested. So we pulled together some of our favorite suggestions and paired them with apps that will help you have the most fun this summer.

Let's take a look at how you can maximize your summer fun and maybe find your new favorite app.

"Things I really enjoy about the summer are Flip Flops, fresh Peaches and Watermelons. Trips to the beach." - Tiffany Horn

Going to the Beach:
A trip to the beach was one of the most recommended summer activities.  And if you're going to be spending all day out in the sun and sand, you'll want to watch out for the dreaded sun burn. The Wolfram Sun Exposure Reference app is the perfect beach companion to make sure your skin stays golden rather than lobster red. Just enter your skin type, location and the SPF level of your sunscreen and the app will tell you how long you can stay out before you burn.

 "I love camping in the summer and the smell of fresh morning air." - Patti Bohms

Camping was also very popular with our readers, and whether you're pulling an RV or roughing it in a tent, the Recreation.gov Camping app gives you all the tools you need to find just the right campsite. Use the app to locate available campsites at national parks, forests and other federal recreation facilities, then reserve your site right in the app, even if you left finding a spot until the last minute. It also provides you with details about each available campsite and photos to help you pick the ideal spot.

"Going to the lake with friends to talk about everything." - Sam Rumbo

Road Trips:
Camping may not be your thing, but summer is a great time to gather up your family or friends and hit the road. Road trips are an American classic and no summer is complete without one. If you're packing up your vehicle and taking it to the streets, GasBuddy is a great companion. It's a free app that gives you detailed gas prices along your route, and who doesn't want to save on gas? There's even a $100 daily contest for those who report gas prices. 

"Catching fireflies, going to the beach, walking outside at night in the warm air, picnics at the lake, smelling fresh mown grass." - Laura Siefken

Go for a Walk:
Whether you're an avid hiker or you just like a stroll around your neighborhood, summer is the perfect time to get out and stretch your legs. But if you need a little something more to entice you to strap on those tennis shoes, try turning your trip into an adventure with The Walk app. The Walk is a fitness tracker that turns your daily trip around the block into a game, making each outing another episode of a 500 mile thriller. 

"Sitting around a bonfire with a book, or ten." - Suzan Stengel

Read a Book:
Summer reading is a long time favorite, but it's not always practical to tote around ten books on your camping or road trips. This is where technology can once again save the day. With the Kindle app for your mobile device, you can carry over a hundred books without the added weight. And if you think e-reading seems impossible on a sunny beach, the Kindle Paperwhite is designed to be as readable as your favorite paperback on a bright day.

Whatever you're doing this summer, we're here to help you find ways to blend the latest technology with all the fun. Next week we'll tackle high tech grilling. So drop us a line and share your favorite BBQ recipes, tips and tricks and you could be featured in our newsletter. 


Your Favorite Summer Activities: There's an App for That - Spud in the News | Spud Software - Screen_Shot_2017-09-06_at_11

We'd like to introduce you to Victoria! Victoria is a sweet 5 year old female who is very gentle and just wants to sit with you. This beautiful girl would love to be a part of your forever family.

Your Favorite Summer Activities: There's an App for That - Spud in the News | Spud Software - Screen_Shot_2017-09-20_at_2

If you're interested in adopting Victoria or any of the other residents at Lucky Day Animal Rescue, visit their website and fill out an adoption form.  You can make it some animal's Lucky Day!

Your Favorite Summer Activities: There's an App for That - Spud in the News | Spud Software - Screen_Shot_2017-09-06_at_11

Your Favorite Summer Activities: There's an App for That - Spud in the News | Spud Software - Screen_Shot_2017-09-20_at_2Spud went out of this world with a trip to NASA. Our own Adam Brown visited the Goddard Space Flight Center sporting his favorite Spud gear. Now if only we could get a picture of one of our shirts actually out in space!

Have you seen a Spud shirt lately? Send us a picture to be featured in our newsletter!


Your Favorite Summer Activities: There's an App for That - Spud in the News | Spud Software - Screen_Shot_2017-09-06_at_11

"Summertime is always the best of what might be."

- Charles Bowden




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