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When it Comes to Software, Experience Matters

Do you know the benefits of a good UX design?

Tech people throw around a lot of acronyms. We have HTML, CSS, .NET, SQL, C#, PHP - the list is like a mixed up bowl of alphabet soup. And for most people, these acronyms are as confusing as the code they represent. But there is one acronym you should be aware of, because it affects your business more than you realize.

UX design refers to the development of a system's user experience. Whether yours is a software application, a mobile app or a website it's important to not only know how your users interact with your product, but to have an interface that is easy and intuitive for them to use.

While a nice looking design is important, UX design is about more than the aesthetics of your product. A good UX design will take into account what your users need and create a solution that enables them to complete their objectives in the easiest and quickest way possible.

For example, if your company is selling a customized service like home repairs, each of your customers will likely have different repair needs. So if you're automating your processes, you'll need a solution that allows your office staff and technicians to easily enter repair requirements and options. An intuitive interface will tee up related services, price associations and more, allowing you to streamline the process for everyone involved.

Research shows that UX design is not only important for internal users, but for your customers as well. If you have a mobile or web app available to your customers, it's vital to maximize your user's experience. Studies have found that up to 90% of users have stopped using an app due to poor performance, while 86% of those users have deleted or uninstalled apps as a result of poor functionality or design.

It's easy to understand the pitfalls of a poor user experience, but what are the benefits to your company of a good user experience? Here are just a few:
  • A good interface enables users to quickly maneuver your system, increasing the likelihood that they will continue using it.
  • A consistent interface increases productivity for existing employees and also makes it easier to train new employees.
  • You'll find yourself providing less support to staff and customers if their experience is intuitive, saving both time and money for your company.
  • Customers who are happy with your product/interface are more likely to recommend your company and services to friends and family.
Spud Software has spent 20 years helping clients improve their UX design. The first two phases in any of our projects are dedicated to Define and Design. First we define the requirements of your system and then we design flow diagrams, wireframes and design spec documents to ensure that we maximize your processes and user experience. 
If you're looking to improve your company's productivity and your user's overall experience, give us a call and see what a difference experience makes.

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