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We Went Out of this Galaxy to Support Lucky Day Animal Rescue

Going out of this Galaxy to give back.
They say a dog is man's best friend, but we believe man should be every animal?s best friend. That?s why we were proud to sponsor Lucky Day Animal Rescue?s Out of This Galaxy Gala 2.0 this past Saturday.

To support their efforts to rescue and rehabilitate unwanted, abandoned and suffering animals, Lucky Day hosted a fundraiser featuring the star of Animal Planet's "My Cat from Hell," Jackson Galaxy. The event took place at Genesys Banquet Center and 255 guests enjoyed a sumptuous vegan (animal friendly!) dinner as well as both silent and live auctions and opportunities to meet and mingle with Galaxy.

A "Cat Daddy" by day, and rock 'n roller by night, Jackson Galaxy challenges the traditional cat lover persona with his tattoo clad arms and guitar case filled with cat toys. As the guest speaker, he treated participants to personal stories of his work as a world-renowned cat behaviorist and gave insights into new perspectives in feline behavior.
The night was hosted in honor of Lenny. Lenny, about 20 years old, was brought to a shelter for inappropriate litter box usage. The owner said he was stupid, ate everything and didn't listen.

Upon examination they discovered he was crawling with fleas, loaded with tape worms, anemic and 100% deaf. A member of the veterinary hospital knew of Lucky Day and thought he deserved a chance.

Together, the vet and Lucky Day were able to get his illnesses under control. Then the magic happened! He flourished and was able to spend the next 22 months being more loved than he had been his whole life.
These are the stories that drive Lucky Day founder Gretchen Sommer to continue her work rescuing animals. "At Lucky Day Animal Rescue, this is our dream for so many. Lenny represents our ongoing mission to care for these fragile senior pets," said Sommer.
Months of planning and preparation went into the gala, but Sommer said, "The event was a great success and we are happy to be able to provide a national speaker as well as published author to the people that attended. Jackson is a great, down to earth guy and it's a delight to hear all he has to say."
Next year's gala, "Sonny's Soiree" is already in the planning stages, so plan now to be a part of the special event, and in the meantime, consider supporting Lucky Day Animal Rescue by adopting one of the pets we feature each week.

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