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Things to Ask When Vetting Software Companies

What you should know before starting your project.
We know that there are a lot of software companies out there competing for your business.  You literally have the world at your disposal when it comes to software design and there are so many options for anyone looking into custom development.

So what should you know before choosing a software company to bring your project to life?  Here are a few questions to ask when you're vetting a development partner.

1. Will you own the code?
Some companies will build you a rock solid application, but retain ownership of the code.  What does that mean?  It means that as long as you want to use your software solution, you have to work with them.  Your software is not yours, it's theirs.  

2. Will you own the data?
There are software developers out there who not only insist on owning the code, but they also own your data.  So if your company has grown and wants to transition to a new solution, they have control of your data and you may have to start from scratch. 

3. Who is doing the work?
You may have signed a contract with a company down the street, but that doesn't mean your software is being built locally.  Many companies outsource their work overseas.  So when you have a question about your new system, you may be calling someone in India to explain it to you.

4. Who else have they done work for?
It's easy to find a software company with a flashy website and a lot of promises about what they will deliver, but do they have proven experience?  Who have they worked for? It's important to know if they have the resources and experience needed for your company.

5. What are your ongoing costs?
Does the software company charge a per-transaction fee for accessing data?  Do they have monthly or yearly charges just for using your software?  It's important to know what costs you're agreeing to up front.

6. Will you own the intellectual property?
You have a great idea or a unique way of doing business.  When a software company builds your product, do you have the intellectual property rights, or are they free to rebuild and sell your product to your competitors?

When you choose to work with Spud Software you can rest assured the you own your code, data and intellectual property.  We're not in the business of holding companies hostage with our software solutions.  We discuss costs with you up front and you know that your work is being performed by some of the best software developers in the business.  If you're looking for a custom software solution that is 100% yours, contact us and see how we can help you.

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