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The Importance of Setting Goals to Help Yourself Succeed

Do you know the benefits of goal setting?

Have you challenged yourself yet? Maybe you haven't agreed to take a Polar Plunge in 2017, but last week we gave you some goal suggestions for the new year, and this week we want to focus on why it's important for us to set goals - both personally and professionally.

Our lives are busier than ever. We multi-task. We're constantly checking our cell phones, email and social media sites just to stay on top of things. And it's easy to get caught up in the chaos as we try to balance our personal and professional lives.

That is why goal setting is so vital to our success. Whether you want to climb Mt. Everest or just remember to take out the trash each week, it's important to have a plan to help keep you focused. Writing down your goals, then creating a plan to achieve them comes with benefits that many of us never even consider, including:
  • Increased Focus: If you have a clear vision and a plan it helps you to focus on what's important and set aside distractions.
  • A Sense of Purpose: In addition to focusing your efforts, setting goals gives you a sense of purpose to your days and weeks. As you see yourself taking steps toward your goals you'll also see yourself fulfilling a purpose.
  • A Feeling of Achievement: When setting goals, it's a great idea to plan steps along the way - then as you accomplish those steps, you feel a sense of achievement that drives you further toward the end goal. That also helps improve your overall attitude.
  • Better Time Management: When you're working toward a goal, you often force yourself to manage your time accordingly. It also helps curb procrastination and provides you with healthy boundaries.
  • It's Easier to Make Decisions: Because you know what you're striving for, it's easier to make decisions. The clearer your vision, the easier it is to determine what will help you achieve your goals and what will hinder you.
  • Provides Accountability: Whether you choose to share your goals with others or privately pursue them, having goals helps you commit to actions rather than allowing yourself to do nothing but dream.
  • You Get Motivated: Having a goal provides a daily source of motivation to make it through setbacks or challenges and as you see yourself achieving your goal you can often find yourself motivated in other areas of life as well.
  • Stress Reduction: As you clarify your priorities and start managing your time better, your brain will start releasing positive endorphins and you'll find your stress levels reduced. 
Once you've determined what your goals are and what steps you need to take to achieve them, it's always a great idea to look for those people who can help you accomplish your goals.

At Spud Software, we're in the business of helping our clients achieve their goals. Maybe your company needs to improve time management by simplifying your processes or you need to finally finish that project that's been in the works for years. We're here for you. Whether your dream is the next great app or a streamlined system to manage your business, we have the experience and the tools you need to plan, organize and reach your goal. Your success is our success.

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