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Spud Software Receives Client Recognition from Success Group International

Spud Software, a local, Michigan-based Custom Software Development company, has received recognition for a job well done from Success Group International (SGI) after an EXPO they participated in recently.
“Thanks again for all you have done for us. I have been working small to large projects for over 45 years, and Spud is the best development company with whom I have had the pleasure of working. One thing that is especially helpful and gratifying for me as the PM, is your excellent documentation and process”, noted Dan West, Project Manager, SGI. The acknowledgement was in response to Spud’s successful development of their Partner Network and Technician Assessment programs.

“We work tirelessly to make sure that every client experience is beyond their expectations. However, we could not do all of this without the help of the amazing team at SGI,” said Larry Bossman, sales director at Spud Software. “We look forward our future projects with Dan and his team at SGI”.

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