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It was all over and people had counted them out. They were so far behind the competition that there was just no way to catch up. Even some of their loyal fans had thrown in the towel, turned away, gone to bed. But, like true champions, they refused to give up and we were treated to one of the greatest comebacks in history.

Oh. No, we weren't referring to the Super Bowl. (But wasn't that game amazing?) We're talking about Apple and the comeback that took them from near bankruptcy to a billion dollar business. It's a fascinating story that has been well documented over the past several years and if you're looking for your own business inspiration, we encourage you to check it out.

While theirs is one of the highest profile technology related comebacks in recent years, it's not the only one. Check out these tech products that have seen a resurgence lately:
  • Nintendo NES Classic Edition:
    Nostalgia is a big seller, as you'll see from most of these featured items. And for most of us techies, there's nothing more nostalgic than the Nintendo NES Classic Edition, which has sold over 1.5 million units around the world. Packed with the games made popular in the 80's and 90's in a miniature version of the original Nintendo, this little blast from the past had people standing in line for hours hoping to snag one in time for Christmas.
  • Polaroid:
    Polaroid cameras disappeared with the advent of digital photography. Or did they? Rather than fade away as irrelevant in a world where everyone carries a camera in their pocket, Polaroid chose to market to the Selfie Generation with a product that takes digital photos and allows you to instantly print them. Not only can you post pictures of your lunch to your various social media accounts, but you can hand them out to loved ones as cherished keepsakes. Instaprinting is seen as magical new technology for consumers who weren't born when Polaroid cameras first came out, and Polaroid is marketing themselves as "the newest way to snap, print, and share life instantly."
  • Nokia Phones:
    Early mobile phone users remember when Nokia dominated the market, but they couldn't keep up with the competitive world of smart phone technology. Dwarfed by the iPhone and later Android devices, Nokia seemed out of touch and relegated to the past. But recent buzz about technology comebacks in 2017 has been all about the new Nokia smartphones. Nokia's new line of Android smartphones is set to reclaim the glory of by-gone days and is a tech trend to watch in coming months.
  • TV Antennas:
    With satellite and cable costs soaring as high as $250 a month in some markets, it's no wonder people are cutting the cord and looking for more cost-effective solutions. As streaming solutions grow in popularity, people are watching less cable TV and going retro with digital antennas. While you can still find the occasional bunny ear box out there, most antennas feature a slim design with some barely thicker than a piece of paper. And as far as HD broadcast stations go, these antennas have increasingly impressive ranges.
Your company may not be seeking Super Bowl glory, but if you're ready to rise up and write your own comeback story, Spud Software can help. We have the people and processes in place to help you maximize on today's technology while preparing for future growth. Give us a call and we'll help you find new paths to success.

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